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Daiwa TD Sol III LT 6000 D-H Spinning Fishing Reel NEW @ Otto's Tackle World

Daiwa TD Sol III LT 6000 D-H Spinning Fishing Reel NEW @ Otto's Tackle World

Daiwa TD Sol III LT 6000 D-H Spinning Fishing Reel NEW @ Otto's Tackle World    Daiwa TD Sol III LT 6000 D-H Spinning Fishing Reel NEW @ Otto's Tackle World

Daiwa TD Sol III LT 6000 D-H Spinning Fishing Reel. Daiwa TD Sol III LT 6000D-H Spinning Fishing Reel. One of the biggest innovations and influences on fishing techniques for the past decades can be attributed to one product the introduction of super braided lines in the early 1990s. Since its introduction fishing techniques and styles have evolved faster than ever before especially with spinning reels. Traditionally heavy tackle fishing was with overheads or larger heavier spinning reels, but today, anglers are targeting ever larger species with spinning reels and stronger thinner super lines, what is needed is a new way of thinking for the spinning reel, designed to suit anglers requirements for now and future techniques with super lines.

Over the past few years Daiwa have been developing a whole new concept based around this thought, developing a spinning reel that is lighter, stronger and more compact than ever before. Introducing LT or Light Tough. Daiwa has always had a long history of innovation, in 2010, Daiwa pioneered the ground-breaking technology- Magseal, Zaion and Air Rotor, a combination that set the future for all Daiwa spinning reels. Originally introduced in our flagship reels like Saltiga, Certate and Exist, it was only a matter of time before we introduced it into Australias most popular spinning reel ever, the TD Sol. Developed over the past two years, TD Sol III shows Daiwas commitment to introduce its best design innovations into a new generation of reels.

TD Sol III is the first reel to feature the all new future design concept LT or Light Tough heralding a new generation and direction for Daiwa reel innovation. The new concept LT Zaion body is our lightest, most compact and strongest body frame ever produced. Zaion is a new material, composed of carbon resin and long carbon fibers.

This high-density material is light, strong and resists corrosion, used in many of Daiwas reels, it far exceeds the strength of magnesium in strength per unit weight comparison. Zaion transmits vibration through the reel more efficiently than ever before and it is lighter and stronger than a conventional reel made with similar resins or graphites. The new body design has allowed for a reduction in size and in weight, up to 15%, making it more balanced, compact and lighter, yet still attaining higher strength compared to previous designs.

Air Rotor is like no other, it is truly a revolution in sensitivity. The new rotor serves several functions. Firstly, the main principle of the rotor is support the Magseal line roller, line is pulled instantaneously from the spool to the line roller creating stress and flexing to a concentrated section of the lower rotor. The new arch form disperses pressure to the entire lower entire section of the rotor, dramatically decreasing stress and flexing.

Sensitivity is one of the strongest attributes of Air Rotor. The rotor is made from a high sensitive DS5 carbon that transmits vibration through the reel more efficiently than ever before. By hollowing out the rotor system, a lighter construction is created with more surface area, resulting in increased strength and greater transmission of vibration. With a decrease in weight the balance has been fine-tuned, with a lower centre of gravity and precise centre of axis the rotor spins more efficiently with perfect balance. This decrease in weight, increased surface area and new DS5 construction transmits lure vibration to the angler like never before.

Drag pressure and smoothness is essential for fighting fish. The ATD drag system or Automatic Tournament Drag, this is a latest introduction into the Daiwa spinning reel range. The biggest issue with many drag systems is that they are not smooth at the beginning of the drag. ATD features an improved drag grease that exhibits a low viscosity at rest, yet becomes more viscous immediately after drag start up. This reduces initial drag start-up inertia and combined with the structural changes of the ATD Drag System results in a smoother drag from the initial hook up, allowing you to concentrate on the fight. In order to increase the durability of the reel, Daiwa had to make the waterproof structure an absolute priority.

Through years of research and development, Daiwa found the solution a membrane of magnetic oil, that reduces saltwater penetration. By using magnetized oil in conjunction with magnets, the oil attaches itself to the metal surfaces to form a seal. Being magnetized this lubrication system avoids any friction, reduces dust or water intrusion, eliminating oil spray and improving reel life expectancy.

We call it Mag Seal. Youll call it magic and a transformation to long lasting, smooth rotary efficiency.

Magseal debuted in 2010 Certate, cementing itself as the worlds most advanced spinning reel, this technology flowed on into Saltiga, Caldia and Exist. The new TD SOL III, features a Mag Seal line roller. Line roller bearings are one of the hardest wearing parts in a reel. They are constant working and received the harshest punishment of any part of a reel. The pressure of the line, continual water and salt impregnation destroys roller bearings quickly.

Now with Magseal technology this is an issue of the past. The new high speed reel features Daiwas revolutionary new Tough Digigear, advanced technology that features a high precision cutting technique that achieves perfect gear meshing and ultra-smooth performance. Tough Digigear is also ultra-strong, corrosion resistant, and impressively light. Since its first incarnation over twenty years ago, the ABS or Anti Backlash System redefined line and cast control.

The concept LT introduces the latest version Airspool ABS. This newly designed ultra slim lightweight maximum line capacity spool is upto 30% lighter than previous versions and features a new double spool lip, improving overall castability by a further 5%. ABSs maximized core diameter and reversed taper means that 100% of the line is usable. No dead line buried in a deep core. You can fill it with line right up to the edge of the spool lip without fear of tangles.

ABS causes less casting friction for longer and easier casting. The huge spool diameter allows line to flow freely in larger coils and produces less line memory coiling.

The ABS design does an unrivalled job of line management, but it also needs the support of a good quality line clip. Small changes and features often make huge changes to a reels functionality, especially a simple feature like a line clip and the concept LT system doesnt disappoint with the introduction of Perfect Line Stopper. This simple line clip is an all new design that incorporates a larger rectangular flexible clip that can be used from all line angles and from light to heavy lines.

The new concept LT is all about lightness and toughness, reducing weight from every single component while still attaining strength is the key to its design. The new compact gear and body has allowed for a new handle design to be developed called Air handle, slimmer, lighter and more compact, and now up to 50% lighter! The new TD Sol III introduces new innovations and unparalleled designs, the combination of Magseal, Zaion, Air Rotor and the new concept LT making it one of our most technically advanced reels. You will feel more connected to lures, detect more bites and fight fish with ease. Real design and real technological development for Technology to Feel.

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  • Model: 6000D-H
  • Features: Anti-Reverse
  • Brand: Daiwa
  • MPN: 21029
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 21029

Daiwa TD Sol III LT 6000 D-H Spinning Fishing Reel NEW @ Otto's Tackle World    Daiwa TD Sol III LT 6000 D-H Spinning Fishing Reel NEW @ Otto's Tackle World